Our Story

In 2021 faced with an emergency that required a family member to be transported by an air ambulance, Amit had first-hand experience of how difficult it was to procure an air ambulance during a very stressful time. Amit and his family were unsuccessful in procuring an air ambulance and ended up renting an RV to transport their family member.

Fast forward to two months later when Amit and Mike ran into each other at a conference. Mike brings over 10 years of experience working in emergency medical service and medical air transport management, including running his own company. During their initial conversation they realized that there is a business opportunity in taking the stress out of procuring an air ambulance service. This could be achieved by leveraging Amit’s company, CRMantra’s, software platform featuring world-class User Experience coupled with Mike’s years of industry experience.

MedViation was born!


Michael Claypool
COO and Co-Founder

Mike is a co-founder of MedViation and had the idea of a one touch air ambulance service for many years. He has dedicated his entire life to public safety, emergency medical services, and medical transport executive management with helping people across the world......

Amit Garg, PhD
CEO and Co-Founder

Amit is an entrepreneur who likes to build companies and innovative software products. Since 2005, he has founded and led CRMantra – a CRM-focused software development and consulting firm. Amit has been instrumental in over 100 successful digital transformation initiatives...

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